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Hey guys!
TLDR: sell/dont sell/trade/mod opinions
I have been off the saddle for almost a year bc of some military stuff and then just letting life get in the way.
Anyways, I was going back and forth on selling or keeping as I could have used the cash to pay off my truck.
However, I think I am leaning more towards keeping.
My reasons for selling : money, sometimes wishing it had less power so i could really throttle it like crazy wthout going 100+ lol
At the same rate a part of me wishes i had gone with the xsr900 instead for the cafe-y looks (as I had a CX500 cafe prior to the FZ)
Anyways, unless I were to trade for an xsr900 or something slightly smaller I will probably be keeping it, and if i got something smaller I'd probably be disappointed due to the loss of the amazing torque that it has.
So if I am going to keep it I want to change it to make it more me and less stock and wanted y'alls opinion on what to get/not get

This is why I am here.
Mod wise, the biggest things I want to do are:
update the turning signals all around
I was also thinking of swapping the tailight/TS for the integrated one and would want to get rid of the license plate holder (i like the mudguard idea but dont want the huge license plate mudguard) is the a more budget friendly option than this? also what are my options for a LP light?
Maybe get some bar-end mirrors along with a better handlebar(something that puts me more forward and cleans up the look) (maybe the woodcraft clip-ons) I looked at the clubman types but have heard pretty bad things about them. Not sure I want to be that far forward when my wife is with me) I hear a lot of people talking about the pro-tapers too
Windscreen/shield options (I do not want it to look like an FJ though, no hate on adv/touring bikes but I think it looks so big and bulgy.
Seat upgrade with a removable cowl maybe?
Last but not least, I have saddlebags and obviously the issue of them rubbing on the tires. So much so that it has rubbed them thin,
What are the best options for saddlebags on a 2017 FZ to have and still be able to have a passenger?

If you have made it this far, thanks so much!

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I've got the Madstadd windscreen system and SW Motech saddlebags on my 2017. I wanted to be able to keep the sporty look for around town, but quickly swap over to a more touring oriented setup without a bunch of hassle. So far I really like both.

I can swap between my small windscreen and the big touring windscreen in 30 seconds or so and the tall windscreen makes the bike a lot more comfortable on long stretches of highway riding. It looks dopey with the touring windscreen on, but the little black windscreen looks great.

The SW Motech Blaze saddlebags look great and work fine with a passenger. They've got a quick disconnect frame that keeps the saddlebags out of the tires, and when I want to remove the saddlebags I can pop then off and remove most of the frame (there are still two small black plastic clips from the frame that are mounted by bolts) in about a minute. My only gripe is that the opening on the saddlebags are smaller than I'd like.

I've got a gallery with photos of both the Madstadd windscreens and the saddlebags here:
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