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We have recently designed, what we believe to be, a completely plug-and-play LED Flasher Relay solution for bikes that utilize a 4-pin OEM Flasher Relay. To verify the fitment and functionality this far we have been able to send a couple of units overseas to a few countries and all signs have been great so far. They seem to correct your signal flash rate when switching to LEDs with the added feature of being plug-and-play, and best all of all - fully adjustable! These relays will work with your stock lights, LEDs, or a mixture of both on your motorcycle but ONLY if your bike utilizes a 4-pin OEM relay.

Now, this item is currently in BETA Testing before we release it publicly site-wide but we need your help!
To purchase this item, you must agree to be a part of our testing program. This is ideal for riders who are already interested in purchasing products for their bike, and wish to help us test the viability of this new product. To be a part of the program, you must:

1. Verify your bike uses a 4 pin relay of the configuration shown in the images above.

2. Contact us to express your interest in joining the program. If we have not already confirmed the compatibility with your particular sportbike (year/make/model), you may be eligible.

3. If we accept your application for the program, place an order with additional products for your bike on our website (including this exact relay in your order).

4. Provide feedback on the applicability of this product on your sportbike.

We are offering this relay at a heavily discounted price for beta testers (a whopping FIVE DOLLARS). We are limiting the program to a set number of beta testers. If it works properly on your bike, you get to keep the relay at the price you paid. If it does not work, we will refund you the cost of this product. We are unable to refund shipping charges - this is why the relay cannot be purchased alone and must be a part of an order you already intended to place.

If you are interested in helping us out and becoming a BETA tester, please shoot us an email or send me a private message and we will work out the nitty gritty. We are hoping to have complete compatibility charts and locations by the end of February, at which point we will make this item available for sale publicly. Ride safe everyone!
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