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hey guys, as stated, looking if there's anybody out there with the gtyr chain guard that could measure the thickness of the material for me and also the width of the guard. looking to run the fz at the standing mile in ohio next spring, i need a steel chain guard that is at least 3/32" thick or 1/8" aluminum. would be easier to just buy one if its thick enough. if anyone can help me out that would be great thanks!

edit: heres a bit from the rule book

All chain or belt driven motorcycle entries (Streamliners see Section 7.H.22) must be equipped

with a steel or aluminum chain or belt guard. If the guard is made of steel it must be at least

3/32 in. thick, or if aluminum, at least 1/8 in. thick. Guards must be securely mounted in at least

two places. The top run must be at least 1-1/2 times the overall width of the chain or at least ¼ in. wider than the belt. The chain/belt must be guarded from the center of the front sprocket to the rear most edge of the rear sprocket measured vertically. Primary drives or exposed clutches must also have a side cover to prevent rider from getting entangled. OEM chain guards may not be adequate.
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