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I'm one of those wait and see kind of people when it comes to accessories. It seems like there are so many companies dropping products on the market and it's hard to keep tabs on it to shop around so I need your help. Hook me up with the links to all the companies and/or distributors of products who currently have products available to purchase. I only really know of a couple and I didn't want to dig through all the pages on this forum, so help a girl out! :D I want the actual links to where you can BUY the products not the pages to the company that forces you to then find a distributor for said product. Also, please forgive my technically disinclined self so if I get something wrong, feel free to correct me.

Please provide info like this below and I'll update in this first thread to help out other newbies like me trying to find stuff for our bike. If a thread like this already exists, my apologies (and feel free to send me there)! :D

  • Products: Suspension kits (front/rear), brake lines, foot peg pivot kits, grip tank pads, frame sliders, shock springs, steering stabilizer kit, banjo bolts, brake caliper nipples
  • Brands: Penske, Spiegler, Tech Specs, Woodcraft, GPR, Speed Bleeder

PJ's Parts

  • Products: Wind Screens, Brake Lines, Exhaust, Levers, Sliders, Fairing Bolt Kits, Fender Eliminator, Frame Sliders, Fuel Cap, Handlebar Caps, Rearsets
  • Brands: Fabbri, Fren Tubo, MIVV, Pazzo, Valter
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