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So I just installed and made video of the new Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust.

I went out yesterday and shot video of the stock exhaust then today I recorded the new Akrapovic Titanium with baffle in.

The link is below.

My first impressions are that I really noticed a big difference in the sound. The Akrapovic is much deeper, but not that much louder than the OEM with the baffle in.
However, since the Akrapovic has a deeper timbre it and its a little louder than the OEM, I find it is great sound.

Installation was simple, but I watched so many videos for the last year that it should have been!
After Installation, the first start put a huge smile on my face.
The exhaust came with everything needed.

After i shot my videos I figure I would go home and take out the baffle and shot some more videos BUT the baffle would not budge.
I discovered that it is pressed in there pretty hard. Since the exhaust was hot I figured I ll try again later. This is a little bit of a let down because I though it would be nice to take out the baffle on a whim and replace it just as quick.

I take the blame for the baffle because I should have done my homework instead of assuming it would come out easily. Though its not a deal breaker because Im sure I can create a tool and method to make it an easily removable item!

I do not have my ECU flashed and it plays very well with the bike in its stock ECU configuration with the baffle in. I know that many (including myself) think the ECU flash is a tremendous improvement; I just want to let those that don't feel comfortable taking out an ECU know it runs well with out one.
But If your not comfortable taking out the ECU then changing the exhaust is likely not on your to-do list either.

I recorder the video with a GoPro and a Zoom H5 recorder with an X/Y capsule. Listen to the video with headphones and turn the volume up so that you can hear birds in the background when no other noises are present. Then the audio will sound try to life!
The first two clips are from a POV the rest is with the camera static and me doing drive-by's and starts from stopped.

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