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Affordable HID Retrofitting is operational! Offering affordable headlight upgrades built to your specifications.

If you prefer to do your own retrofit, we can even help out with price. Let me know, and we can help you out!

When inquiring about a Retrofit, please include exactly what you want (Housing/shroud color, Shroud choice, projector choice, Bulb color), to limit back and forth messages. Everything is below, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

**Payment plans to help with the cost, since it can get expensive.**
Terms: 30% Down, minimum of $75 payments until paid in full on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Work will begin after final payment and arrival of headlight housing. I have all the details in a Order form/Contract combination. Send me an e-mail address for this form.

New Exclusive to FZ forum members
Now offering pod lighting in one of 5 colors!! The colors are:
Amber, Red, Green, White, Blue

Facebook Information Page: https://www.facebook.com/AffordableHIDRetrofitting

Website: https://www.affordablehidretrofitting.com

Email: [email protected]

Turn around times

Mail Order Retrofit: 2-3 Days + Shipping
Local Total Retrofit: 2 Days (weather & schedule permitting)

Retrofit Packages

HID Projector Retrofits

Basic Retrofit Package (Includes Opening Headlight, Installing projector(s), Painting 1 color [if desired], Resealing headlight)

Accessories / Upgrades

Additional Paint Color
Angel Eyes (LED only)
Pod lighting
Wiring Bike, Mounting Ballast(s),Testing (Local only)
Side Emitting LED strip
Colored LED strips
Failed Attempt Repair (Fix mistakes)

Contact me for a price quote! *Note* Payments via paypal are subject to a 3% payment processing fee.

298 Posts
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Got some cutoffs with my phone yesterday. It doesn't handle light correctly, so it isn't exactly as seen, but you can see how sharp the cutoff is at 15' (picture taken at about 18' & 25' respectively)

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