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Kinda weird... got notification that ridetofish responded asking about a compare between the Street Rally and Eddie seat but do not see it. This is what it said:

Would you mind giving us your impressions of the differences between the Street
Rally and the Copeland?
It appears the Copeland is even taller than the Street Rally.

Anyway, here it is man.

Look at the edge of the step-to-deck. Both are the same height there. That is approximately where I place myself. The Eddie is more plush vs. the rock hard Street Rally. If you ride close to the tank, the Eddie is much higher than the Street Rally. If you have any type of butt at all, the Eddie offers way more support. I, on the other hand, am 42 with a 100 year old butt... nothing there so the extra support is not needed. Both work well but it depends on the person. If you appreciate a more legroom than stock but with a similar profile and one with some front build-up to prevent sliding into the tank, the Eddie is the way to go. If you like moving around on the saddle front to back on a regular basis but do not need the support on the sides, then it would be the Street Rally.
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