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I added a cheap Amazon USB power outlet to my 2021 MT-09. It's pretty easy to do if you know what’s involved.

The Aux DC connector on the FZ-09/MT-09 and FZ-07/MT-07 is a Sumitomo 090-2 sealed automotive connector. The female side is part of the bike's wiring harness. The male side from the factory contains no pins and it has blanking plugs where the wires would go. Therefore, all you REALLY need are 2x Male Terminals (#1500-0105) and 2x wire seals which all together cost a mere US$0.70 from CycleTerminal.com (but they have a $5.00 minimum order). What I did was to buy a complete Male/Female Sumitomo 090-2 connector AND extra Male & Female terminal pins so that I could do two bikes (but if you want to add heated grips, you might pad your order with Nippon Tanshi 040-series Female connectors as described at the end of this post) :

Note: It's confusing but plugs are given a gender based on the terminals they contain. Thus, a plug half with a female-style body and male pins inside is called a "Male" connector. Similarly, a male-style plug half with female terminals inside is called a "female" connector.

Motorcycle .090 - 2.3mm Connector and Terminals (cycleterminal.com)
2x 1500-0105 Male Terminal 2.3mm/.090 Tin plated (0.5-1.3mm, 16-22 AWG)
2x 7165-0118 Wire seal-Small (0.5-1.3mm, 18-22 AWG)
or (depending on wire size)
2x 7165-0118 Wire seal-Large (0.75-2 mm, 14-18 AWG)

You can also choose to buy an extra Male plug ($2.95), or a complete Sumitomo 090-2 Male/Female sealed connector for $5.80 (each comes with the required terminals and small wire seals)

Sumitomo 090-2 (2-pin) Male & Female sealed connector

Note: Some online resources incorrectly identify this connector as "Sumitomo 090-2B" but that's the wrong plug shape - you need "090-2".

Mocking up where to cut my mounting hole in the tank cowl (plenty of empty space under this cover):
Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank Motorcycle Automotive lighting

The finished product, rain-resistant cap in place.
Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Plugged in and my phone charges. I realize that I can't ride in the rain like this but I don't mind the trade-off for the convenient USB location:
Tire Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Wheel

Here are all the components with the Male terminals attached to my USB charger's wires (with wire seals present). The empty gray male connector (Sumitomo 090-2) came off my MT-09. The white Male/Female Sumitomo 090-2 connector halves are the extra ones I ordered from CycleTerminal.com. You can see the tiny blanking plugs I removed from my bike's connector and on the bag is a wire seal (small) and a Female terminal
Pliers Diagonal pliers Wood Hand tool Electrical wiring

This is a close-up of the Male terminals (note the rabbit ears sticking up which should NOT be bent down):
Metal Event Liquid Wood Soil

Here is the complete cable wrapped in shrink-tubing with an in-line fuse:
Wood Audio equipment Gadget Wire Cable

Older bikes (FZ-07/FZ-09) used to have the Aux DC connector under the tank. For 2021, the Aux DC connector is now in the headlight housing. The top portion (wrapped in electrical tape) is the blank Male Sumitomo 090-2 which needs wires, terminals and wire seals added. It's overexposed here so it looks almost white but it's really medium gray in color (and so is the Nippon Tanshi 040-series connector next to it - see below)
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Alloy wheel

You'll note that the headlight is bracketed by Gray and Black Nippon Tanshi 040-series 3-pin Male connectors (Female-style plug with Male pins inside). These each have only two wires and are used for the Left/Right Yamaha heated grips. If you're using non-Yamaha heated grips (like Oxford for instance) you can buy the needed Nippon Tanshi 040-series Female connectors (male plug body with female terminals inside) from CycleTerminal.com.

Ordinarily, it's not that ballsy to cut a hole in a brand new bike since the tank cowl (part #B7N-241B1-00-00) only costs $12.27 to replace. Yamaha parts prices are VERY reasonable - less expensive than any other major brand and way, WAY cheaper than BMW/Triumph/Ducati. Right now though (as of October 2021), ruin this part and you could be waiting months to get another one for your 2021. So measure and cut carefully.

VIDEO - Removing the '21 MT-09 Tank Cowl

VIDEO - Removing the '21 MT-09 Headlight
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