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I've put about 500KM (300 Miles) on the bike in the last week - and I just wanted to give you guys some feedback.

The bike is a head turner, every motorcycle or motorcycle enthusiast driving a cage is giving you a good stare - wondering what it is you are riding. It has a unique sound, a very low growl, compared to a higher pitched whine of a 4 cylinder.

I took the bike for a spirited ride to scrub the tires in; the bike handles very well and is easy to lean into corners.

A few things I've noticed.

- I adjusted the throttle cable, it seems to have helped the snappiness, and however the throttle assembly continues to feel cheap - almost like it needs a spacer in the sleeve to tighten it up.
- the bike sits high, I’m 5' 10 and I cannot flat foot at stop signs, the bike is very light so this is not an issue
- the bike needs to have a tank pad, the shape of the tank and seat will very quickly cause your jacket to mark the tank. I've put some painting masking tape on my tank for now.
- my left foot rests on the rear swing arm if I am not carefull. It startles me quite frequently, as i can feel my foot move up and down with bumps. I'll have to look into this closer to see if this is a pinch hazard. A guard may need to be installed.

I've read lots of posts about should I start on this bike, or move to this bike from a 250. The simple answer is absolutely not. This bike has no forgiveness, cold tires or debris causes the rear to break loose coming out of corners, a wrong shift coming into the corner causes the rear tire to lock, and it simply just gets you into trouble way too fast. New riders need a bike that forgives their mistakes. This bike will punish you for them. The brakes on this bike grab hard initially, not good for new riders in low speed situations.
Another thing to consider is that this bike is what I refer to as point and shoot. Sure it handles great - but coming out of corners you need to be careful, if you accelerate hard out of the turn the bike simply lifts the front tire and goes straight. Disastrous for a new rider.
My advice would be to move from a 250 to a 500CBR or a 650 Ninja, or a F4i. Don't be silly - save your money.
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Owners have been adjusting for less play, so you turn to make the adjuster longer.
Before you change anything with the bike off lightly twist the grip, you can probably feel the grip move a bit before it does anything, that's the play.

Not too tight though, signs that it's too tight:
With the engine off twist the grip, is there more friction than before?
With the engine running in neutral, warmed up etc turn the bars all the way side to side, does it raise the RPM?

Maybe other riders will have more tips.

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