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I recently undid a busa rear shock swap on my 2017 FZ-09. In the process I found a gouge in a rubber brake line, on the ABS controller side under the seat. I believe it's the line that runs from the MC to the ABS controller. My guess is they cut it when trimming the battery tray to fit in the busa shock.

To my eyes the cut seems pretty bad. I'm not super familiar with brake line construction but it appears the outer layer is entirely cut through, and I can see an inner hose / layer inside that is untouched.

Any damage to brake lines is an issue to me so I'd like to get this replaced, especially as it's out of sight. Looking at the line, it appears to run from the ABS controller down to the side of the frame, where it switches to a hard line. I've only put a few hundred miles on the bike, but so far I have no complaints on the brake feel, so I don't feel the need to upgrade to stainless lines, and instead want to just replace this section. Looking at part shops however, I don't see a way to purchase just this section. They only sell the entire line from the MC to ABS for around $100. With that, I have some questions:

1) I may not be looking in the right spot for this line. Is there any way to purchase just that section of line new?

2) Any reason I wouldn't / couldn't replace just that section, verus the whole line? Removing the hardline seems like a pain.

3) Anyone have any experience or guides on bleeding the ABS system? Is there a way to bleed at the ABS controller? It seems wasteful to have to bleed the whole brake system and push air through the calipers if I could just bleed at the ABS controller.

4) Is there anyone that switched to stainless steel lines that still have the old lines around, and would want to part with this one section?

Here are a couple pics showing the line, one is a close up, the other is at distance for scale. (On the distance one, for reference the tank is resting on the tal of the bike, it's a bit disorienting to look at)

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