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Hey FZ09'rs,

There were a few older posts about this exhaust.
I couldn't find any good videos so I took a couple and posed them on YouTube.

This is only done with GoPro Hero+.
I think it sounds great in person.
The IXIL package actually came with two DB Killers:
Wind instrument Musical instrument Woodwind instrument

The DBKiller on the left is what comes installed stock.
I am going to put in the second one to see how much louder/different it sounds.
I doubt i'll run it without a DB Killer at all, but if you all want a video I think I can scrounge one up for the masses.


I haven't had this thing on a Dyno and I haven't had the ECU flashed.

I have a walk around video so you can get a good look from both side of the bike.

And a Exhaust Video with the DB killer in:

Let me know if anyone wants to see anything else!
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