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Hey folks,

Just got finished with the mod so I thought I would shed some more light on the process if anyone else wants to do it.

Oem yamaha heated grip connectors are located inside of a clearish rubber cover thing on the riders right, just under the front of the tank.


These are the same round yamaha connectors as the turn signals, and tail turn signals. I deleted my tail so I used those to connect to the oxford grips. The pins didn't match so I had to adjust those. This part can be skipped it you want to connect them a different way, but the oxford wires were just a tad short, so this is what I did to make them longer.

Positive and negitive:
OEM wiring for a 2015 yamaha FJ 09
Positive: Black and yellow with a red tracer
Negitive: yellow with silver bands

Oxford wiring:
Positive: Red
Negitive: White

Once pluged in, and keyed on, there will be a grip that appears in the dash when you hit the menu button. You can adjust the heat by hitting the up and down when the grip is on the dash.

The grips will not heat up unless the bike is running.


Ultimately you don't have to do this, I just wanted to run the heated grips without the oxford controler.
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