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Does anyone understand the difference between the 2014 MT09 models in the picture attached. Thanks.

Here's my Australian market understanding:

  • MT-09 (also known as the FZ-09) was the initial base model from about 2013/ 14

  • MT-09 ABS should be self-explanatory as it implies base model with added ABS - always the standard model here

  • SP - the upmarket suspension model with highly adjustable KYB front forks and Ohlins rear suspension as standard - paint scheme may also be unique to the SP

  • Tracer - kissin' cousin to the above, but a different touring-oriented beast in some regards, tho' with standard CP3 engine and gearbox. Tracers are a slightly taller bike with larger 18L tank, adjustable on-the-fly screen, and in later GT models cruise-control as standard and an appreciably lengthened rear swingarm to cater for the intended touring role. The GT also has a two-piece seat. Great bike!.
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