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2014 Blazin Orange-MIA 1,700 miles

Hey Guy's,

I'm thinking of selling my bike, love it, but we are relocating down to Miami and with this new job I won't have any time to ride. Bike is located in Miami.

The bike has 1700 miles on it and some light modifications that I did.

OES Frame Slider kit
Ermax nose screen/wind screen 25cm
CCT set screw kit
Shorty brake and clutch levers
Handlebar end mirrors
Did my own Tail tidy by removing the long bracket and keeping everything else stock

Everything else is Stock, used it to commute to work during the summer. Changed the oil and filter 3 times with synthetic oil.

It does have a scratch that you can see in the picture from my wife dropping it in the driveway when trying to move it. Other than that the bike is perfect.

looking for $6000, that's what I owe on it. Bike is in Miami now


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