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'14 Graphite FZ-09 - SOLD


Posting this up for interest as I'm looking/thinking about a new bike.

Bike arrived in Rhode Island at Razee in January of 2014. Purchased in March. Bike is paid in full with title in hand. Currently has 5,1xx miles on it and counting. I have tried to get as much seat time in on this bike since I got it and my interest in selling it won't deter me from riding it. It's a great bike as you may (or not) know.

Few upgrades:
- CRG Hindsight LS Bar End Mirrors (Left & Right)
- Rhinomoto Bar End Adapters
- Vizi-Tec Supa-Brake II Brake Light Modulator
- Woodcraft Frame Sliders
- Shorty Adjustable CNC Brake/Clutch Levers (eBay special)
- OES Rear Spool Sliders

Not an upgrade, but the warranty work has been completed for the 003 CCT by Razee in North Kingston.

Included in the sale, if desired, are any original parts. Mainly the mirrors and stock bar ends. Any/all manuals and paper work that came with the bike. Both keys and key tag to cut additional keys. Any and all paper work I have saved (not a ton due to the bike being so new) which includes service records etc.

Full disclosure: the bike was tipped over to the right and my poor attempt at saving her didn't go unrewarded. Minor scratch on the right side engine case cover. The scratch to the engine case cover was so minor (IMO) that Black Sharpie won over the meager 80$~ to replace the cover. It did not bother me nor impair the performance of the bike.

That being said, I am ASKING $6,849 USD + a stout/porter 6-pack . If there is genuine interest, message me and we can further discuss the deal or reasonable offers.

Additional information:
- I work full time and due to the nature of my work will not be able to tend to my personal phone often during work hours (7-330pm usually)
- I PREFER to deal locally as it suits me better
- I live in West Warwick, RI and the bike can be seen by appointment
- I work in South Eastern CT and may be willing to show the bike around that area as well
- I may add to this list as it pops into my head...

Threads like these are worthless without pictures, I know. Pictures will be added the next chance I get to ride. Any thing mentioned above will be visible via future image attachments.

Please keep comments, positive or not, to a minimum. I understand the purpose of an open forum, but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for looking,

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I think you could have sold it for 10,000 more.

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