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  1. MT-09 Forum
    Wondering if anyone has installed a quick shifter on there mt09 and had troubles shifting down in any gear(yes I use the clutch)…I’m getting a bad squeak not sure from where either (shifter area obviously)… I torqued the bolt that through the top heim joint to spec… set the shafts to the right...
  2. XSR900 General Discussion
    More than happy with the result :)
  3. Other Bikes
    Hey guys, i recently bought a fz 6 2009 from someone. The bike wasn’t really taken care in his possession but i have been fixing it up little by little. This week is new turn signal lights due to it not having them. Long story short, when i connect my lights, and turn on the bike, all of the...
  4. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hey folks, Just got a quote for around 500 USD for the first service in Washington, USA. I do not think its worth it especially since I always had issues with the other older bikes after the service folks worked on it. So here i am planning to do my first service by myself. The bike is a 2021...
  5. XSR900 General Discussion
    Does anyone have a solution? It's for my MT09 2020, I have the ABS sensor on. The tachometer is still at zero when I run it.
  6. FZ/MT09 For Sale / Wanted
    2018 Yamaha MT-09 Hyper-naked. Bought a year ago and I've run it up to 6,100mi. Put Michelin Road 5s on it about 1,600mi ago. Oil changes have been done 2-3 times already with fully synthetic and filter as well. Has aftermarket, Hurricane Fat Swallow handle bars, Puig Windscreen, SZW shorty blue...
  7. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    So I’m getting a stutter on my bike and sometimes it turns off when I pull clutch in. I want to check the Throttle Position Sensors and make sure they don’t need cleaning but I can’t find anywhere for the location of them. Before I take my tank off and go through all of that, can someone please...
  8. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hello there, I’m trying to install a quick shifter to my 2006 Yamaha R6. I’ve looked at videos online but it’s only the newer bike. Does anyone have access to anything that’ll help me install a quick shifter to a 2006 Yamaha R6?
  9. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    WTB either Buell or Yamaha clubman bars. Also considering hurricane fat swallows. In FL but can pay for shipping.
  10. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I've tried to get my bike started for over a week now at first I was getting codes like sd__19 and sd__60 but I checked all fuses and went over some wiring and the codes disappeared. There's is no response from starter switch at all only when I flip it down to on position I hear the fuel pump...
  11. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I have a 2016 FZ-09 that needs a new engine. I’m planning on buying a replacement on eBay, I just want to be sure I buy an engine year that is compatible with the 2016 model. Thanks.
  12. FZ/MT09 For Sale / Wanted
    Link for walk around video at bottom of page For sale is a 2017 Yamaha FZ 09 The bike is amazing, awesome deep yamaha red, rides super smooth, comfortable, fast and a wheelie machine. Bike has ABS, Traction control two stages, Power group settings (A,Standard,B) projector head lights. The...
  13. MT-09 Forum
    Currently wiring my new factory headlight on. The female connector was cut. I need help identifying the wiring scheme. Can’t seem to find any schematics anywhere online. Any help is much appreciated!
  14. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am new here ! I am a happy owner of a FZ-09 2015, had her since the past summer, with an Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system on, no db-killer, and wanted to know if anyone of you people knew how to tell if there is a catalytic converter, since these exhausts come in 2 versions, racing...
  15. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Hey everyone - selling a couple of barely used parts off a pretty new XSR900 i just bought. I'm going for a different look so don't need them. Rear Yamaha Original Cafe Racer Cowl in Excellent condition, like new - $300 shipped to continental US Dart Flyscreen Dark Smoke also in...
  16. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hey guys my wife recently entered to try to win $500 and be the cover model of a calendar for a local dealership. If you could do us a huge favor if your on facebook, head over to the link below and Vote for Stephenie L! We are fighting for position and trying our best to get on the cover. Below...
  17. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    Hey guys. Hopefully I'm posting in the right place. I took the baffle out of my Akra a while back and misplaced the little screw that held the baffle inside of the can. Does anyone happen to know the size of the screw?
  18. FZ/MT09 For Sale / Wanted
    For sale: 2015 FZ-09 with 2,800 miles Condition: Excellent condition. No modifications have been made, bike is 100% stock. Followed the manufacturers guide for the proper engine break-in method. Has been winterized properly each winter. Oil has been changed 3 times, once during break in method...
1-20 of 32 Results