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  1. Fitment Inquiry for Givi Crash bars - XSR900

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    I have a 2016 XSR900 with Givi TN2128 Engine Guards. They were damaged recently when a car turned into my side. I was hoping if anyone could tell me of the Givi TN2132 Engine Guards for FZ/MT09 would fit on an XSR900. The TN2128 has a weird asymmetry to them compared to the TN2132...
  2. XSR900 too much?

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Hello, I'm currently planning on purchasing a 2020 XSR900 this week. However, I keep wondering if the bike is too much for me. I have 3 years riding experience on and old ninja 600r but the last time really was on a bike was 8 years ago and stopped since then after an accident. I recently been...
  3. Snappy throttle xsr900

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi I recently bought an xsr900 2016 model. I know the throttle is snappy on these bikes especially on earlier models. I test rode a 2020 model and throttle issues for sure have been sorted out but I am digressing. I was wondering if there is a way to smooth out the throttle on this 2016 model...
  4. XSR900 2016 Won't start

    XSR900 Common Problems/Issues
    I recently got a used XSR900 everything was fine I bought it with a Carbon Akra exhaust and it had an ECU Flash, but one day it didn't start there were signs of a dead battery so I change It and it was perfectly fine until next day I was driving and when I pulled the clutch the engine stopped...
  5. WTB - looking for XSR900 in Northern Cali

    FZ-09 For Sale / Wanted
    Hi forum I just sold my R6 and start to look for my next bike. I think xsr900 would fit me well so I'd like to know if anyone is willing to throw me an offer. I live in the Bay area but I can go up to 200 miles to pick up. Thank you!
  6. What is this mod?!?

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Hey all. New to the forum. Came across this mod next to the tachometer on a 900 on YouTube. Can anyone explain to me what it is? Link to video->>
  7. XSR900 Gauge / Meter on an MT09 FZ09?

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Curious, has anyone ever swapped a gauge (meter) from an XSR, over to a MT/FZ09? I own an MT, any have installed a round headlight. The round gauge of the XSR could integrate slightly nicer into the setup. It looks like the harness connection could be the same. But also would be curious what...
  8. XSR900 Abarth seat cowl

    XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    hi, I just bought a new XSR900, and I was thinking of buying a seat cowl. I've looked into few but Abarth's cowl looks great to me. I sent few emails to dealers in Europe and what they said is that it's not possible to buy the cowl since they only keep limited stock for the owners. Is there...
  9. Akrapovic Low-Mount Exhaust System

    XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    Hello. Can anyone please help me? I live in Japan and examine installing Akrapovic Low-mount Exhaust System to my XSR900(2018). However, the tragedy fell upon me. It's not available in Japan. So I decided to privately import it from Europe. It's my first time to purchase something overseas, so...
  10. FS. 2016 XSR900 60th Anniversary edition.

    FZ-09 For Sale / Wanted
    2016 Yamaha 60th anniversary edition XSR900,Located in Massillon Ohio. One Owner, Like factory new condition, unmodified[/U][/U][/I][/I], Less than 3000 gentle miles. Serious inquires only please $8000.00 PM if interested or text 3304816318...
  11. Bulb License plate

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Hi, I have an xsr900 for about a year now. How do you change the bulb that illuminates the license plate? I got one small led position light. In the manual, you have to go to a yamaha service THX!
  12. FS: XSR900 Rear Cowl ($300)+ Dart Flyscreen ($90)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Hey everyone - selling a couple of barely used parts off a pretty new XSR900 i just bought. I'm going for a different look so don't need them. Rear Yamaha Original Cafe Racer Cowl in Excellent condition, like new - $300 shipped to continental US Dart Flyscreen Dark Smoke also in...
  13. XSR 900 VIN #000001 - should I sell it?

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I bought XSR 900 in 2016 when they launched it and I got VIN #000001. I drove it for only 1100 miles since i bought it. Should sell it or keep it till it might become a collectors edition (?? since VIN 1). Any suggestions?? Thank you. Edit: It is...
  14. steering damper for the XSR900? any one?

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Is there any steering damper for the XSR900
  15. FS: Dynojet Power Commander 5 PCV - XSR900 #22-079

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    For sale is a Dynojet Power Commander 5 PCV - XSR900 #22-079 This is a brand new, sealed, item. I mistakenly ordered one from two different vendors and the one vendor will not except returns on electronic items, and I have already received and installed the other. So I am stuck with one...
  16. Woodcraft clip on knock offs

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, Selling a set of the woodcraft clip ons knock offs. I put them on my bike for about a week but decided to go with some other bars. Practically new, only drilled one small hole to mount everything correctly. The bar ends are threaded and the bars are all black. Below is my link to...
  17. My First Bike Build! Let’s Hear Your Feedback!

    XSR900 Builds
    My First Bike Build! I opted for a ‘New’ 2016 model because I loved the color and buying a 2016 versus a 2018 allotted me a larger spending budget on upgrades and accessories; can’t say I regret it. I just recently reached 2K miles and installed everything myself in the last +2 months...
  18. Wind Screen Question

    XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    I found this french custom parts manufacturer for an xsr wind screen (https://www.s2-concept.com/boutique/habillage/bulles-et-saute-vents/saute-vent-yamaha-xsr-900-peint-detail) and was curious if anybody else might have ordered this or have any information on it? Being from the US I have it...
  19. FS XSR900 Blinker Mount Covers

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    These covers go over the stock front blinker mounts on the XSR900. They are friction fit and require no attaching hardware. This is my own design that I print at home on my 3D printer. Each set takes around 2 hours to print. If you have your front blinkers mounted elsewhere, consider giving...
  20. Hello From South Dakota

    Hi All, New member from South Dakota. Bought my 2017 XSR900 last summer. Have had a lot of fun on it. My reason for joining is that I am starting to put aftermarket products onto it and just looking at what everyone has done so far. I have had a problem wiring some LED flashers on the rear...