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  1. Available for Purchase : FZ09.org Decals

    Official FZ09.org Apparel
    It has been scientifically proven that these decals add 9 HP to any Yamaha FZ-09!* These FZ09.org decals are cut by yours truly! I meticulously weed them while watching old episodes of Rick & Morty! Special thanks to Kamakazman for this photo: Another special thanks to shamrock for this...
  2. www.FZ-09.org Darkside Hoody

    Official FZ09.org Apparel
    The time has come. I think most of us [unfortunate] Northerners are tired of being cold. Let's keep ourselves warm in a www.FZ09.org Darkside Hoody! The hoody will be almost exactly the same as the Darkside shirt... The only difference being that one right sleeve will have "www.FZ09.org"...