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  1. MT-09 2015 Woolich Quick Shifter Issue

    MT-09 Forum
    I have been enjoying my setup for a few weeks now but every now and again, the revs die and return during pulling off in first. It keeps cycling and so I start pogoing down the road until I pull in the clutch of kick into 2nd. First time was pretty scary. Have lost confidence pulling off now and...
  2. Various Afternarket parts: Euro Akrapovic TI, Woodcraft, Woolich Race Tools, Etc.

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Long story short, I'm selling my bike. Now seeing that no one is willing to pay more for the bike even though it has decent mods, I'm going to part it out. Here is a list of items that I have available: ALL PRICES ARE IN CAD AND BEFORE SHIPPING Woodcraft Clutch/Stator Cover: $300 Euro...