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  1. ZYPI Extreme Weather Long Sleeve Shirt

    Moto Machines
    ZYPI manufacturers top of the line motorcycle apparel out of Poland for any kind of riding condition! Since it is the winter here in the U.S. and some motorcyclists ride year-round, here is one of our favorite pieces of gear from ZYPI. The Extreme Weather Long Sleeve Shirt is designed to keep...
  2. Taking Motorcycle Out Of Winter Storage, Temporarily

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi all! I recently put my bike away for the winter after some heavy snow and very low temperatures. Today, however, I realized that this coming week is going to be full of sun and near 50 degrees, making for some good riding. My question is, if I have already topped off the tank with gas and...
  3. First Winter Storage HELP

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi all. This winter will be the first in which I will need to put the FZ away for a few months. I recently moved up north from California, so I have never done this before. As of now, my plans are as follows.. 1. Full Tank, Adding Stabilizer 2. Hooked up to a battery tender for the duration of...