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  1. 90+ mph vibratios with new tire

    MT-09 Forum
    Good afternoon, Gentelmen! I need your advice because I am not sure what to do. I put a new tires (front and rear) to my MT-09 2019. Balance was made and it was 75g on each wheel. The problem when I drive higher that 90 mph. Bikes starts to shakes VERY BAD. However I can reduce this effect or...
  2. ACTUAL width of a size 180/55 tire - they are different across brands! SHARE YOURS

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    The same size rear tire on some FZ-09's look wider than others, even when they read 180/55 on the sidewall. I'm not talking about other sizes here, just the stock size 180/55 for the rear on the stock 5.5 inch wide rim. I have a Michelin Pilot Road 4 on the rear and it must be the narrowest of...
  3. Tires

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    Any of you hooligans ever tried running Avon Distanzia's on your machine? If you HAD to - would you?? (and i'm talking you might need to spend some miles on dirt fire roads - on a trip)
  4. Low Side = Bad Day

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    After commuting and daily riding my k7 GSXR for 7 years with no issues, I low sided this morning on my FZ-09. I took a right hand corner at about 20mph felt my pegs scrape and then it just slid out from under me. thankfully there wasn't any on coming traffic because I slid across both lanes and...
  5. Talk about a bad day?! What is every ones favorite choice for tires?

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    So everyone knows getting a flat tire sucks but at the same time new tires can be one of the best feelings in the world!!! (Once the wax coating is gone) But anyone have any good pictures of some tire issues? Also replaced my tires after this incident and went with the Pirelli Angel GTs and...
  6. Happy FZ09er, New to this Club and From California

    I thought I would introduce myself because the forum kindly asked me to. Hello, I am from California. I have never had the chance to ride in California but some day I will. I own a 2014 FZ09 and live in Texas now. I owned a Yamaha FZ8 before this and the second I realized this bike was coming...
  7. What tires are you running?

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    First off I apologize if this in the wrong section and if someone has asked this question already (this is my 2nd thread). I searched and couldn't find anything on here. That being said I'm due for some new rubber. I do mostly commuting with the occasional weekend fun run. About 85 commute and...
  8. Flat tire and engine cut out, hmm

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    So, I'm riding to work this AM and I turn onto a side street and hit the gas. I get up to about 65 and the engine light comes on and the engine cuts out. I coast to a stop, turn off the ignition. I turn it back on, light is off, engine starts up fine. I put it in gear and start going again...
  9. Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tires

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    After 3900 miles on the original tires, it was time to replace the back. I went ahead and replaced the front that matched the rear, (don't know if its cool to mix match tires) so, I didn't. I Just got the AV80 rear and AV79 front installed. I did some research and was happy with the info. I...
  10. OEM TIRES - approximate duration (Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport)

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    Friends, How About Kilometres / Miles was possible wheels with the original tires? My OEM Tires: Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport.
  11. 180/55zr17 vs 190/50zr17 vs 190/55zr17

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    I'll save y'all who dont want to read all this or dont care about why, I'll save you time... 180/55rz17 is better than 190/50zr17. Now then, for my fellow nerds... So, it's time for new tires, stock dunlops lasted ~3,200 miles. I am moving up to dunlop q3 tires, q2s were my favorites, and these...
  12. Axle Torque Specs

    FZ-09 Wheels & Tires
    In the absence of a factory service manual, here are the specs: Front axle - 47 lb-ft (64 N-m) Front Pinch - 17 lb-ft (23 N-m) Rear axle - 108 lb-ft (146 N-m)