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  1. New Rider, New FZ09

    Started riding this year and picked up a practically brand new 2017 FZ09 back in May. Totally addicted to both the bike and to modding it.
  2. DIY rear end and tailamp.

    XSR900 Builds
    Decided to take the plunge and fabricate a new rear end section mounting an ebay led tailamp and stock indicators. I used two plates to achieve this as I wanted to tuck the tailamp as far up and into the seat as possible. Brightness of the led brake light is fine. So far, I like the shorter rear...
  3. Tail light and fender eliminator

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    hey guys, i just got my MT09 and im looking to get a tail tidy and the Rizoma tail light. Just wondering what tail tidies are compatible with the Rizoma light. I am mainly leaning towards the yoshi or R&G. Just want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for the rizoma tail tidy if i can. And if...