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  1. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Have a new tank. Need to transfer that hard plastic side cover thing over from the old one. Has two little posts that go through a couple holes but looks like the rest is glued on. Anybody done this?
  2. FZ/MT09 Builds
    Howdy yall, Background: Last week I bought my first FZ-09. So I figured I would join this forum. I wanted an FZ-09 since they initially came out, and now my dream has come true. I also own a dual sport Kawasaki 250, so I am not new to riding (also used to ride motocross). Now this FZ was a...
  3. Yamaha FZ/MT09 Common Problems/Issues
    I have a brand new 2018 MT-09 with about 400 miles on it. Right from the beginning, I have observed a faint but audible ding or clunk sound when I accelerate from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. The sound sometimes comes when accelerating in 4th too but it is very faint. Also, I have noticed that when...
  4. MT-09 Forum
    Hello fellow MT09'ers. I'd love to know, if the community knows off hand. Will tanks from previous year FZs easily swap over to the 2018 MT09? Far as I can tell, the Yamaha part numbers are different, but that could be just due to color. The 'intake' cowls all seem to be the same across...
  5. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I went down and damaged my tank. Ideally looking for one that at could be repaired paintless dent repair style, but show me what you have. I'd buy a new one but I know I could never get the stripe graphics on straight. A deal would be nice, too but I'm willing to pay what it's worth. I know this...
  6. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I really like the look of the red Kevlar/carbon fiber hybrid material available in the cf starter kits nowadays. I have a few scratches on my tank and I'm thinking of completely skinning it in the material. BUT I haven't seen anyone try it before (on any bike, nevermind an FZ-09) so I'm a little...
  7. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy a tank to try to custom paint. light scratches no problem I'm located in mid Tn
  8. XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    new Pics tank decor speedblock matte/grey
  9. XSR900 General Discussion
    Hi does anyone Know where you can buy spare tank panels from??? I wanna paint some.
  10. FZ/MT09 Pictures / Videos
    Well here it is, hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you all think.
1-10 of 10 Results