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tail tidy

  1. Evotech Performance Tail Tidy

    Moto Machines
    Evotech Performance has designed and manufactured an FZ-09 tail tidy that looks incredible on the motorcycle. The innovative design team removed the standard swingarm number plate mount and replaced it with this! The tail tidy is manufactured with lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, then...
  2. XSR Cowl and Tail Tidy

    XSR900 Builds
    Haven't seen any posted yet through my searches so I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the R&G tail tidy to go with the Yamaha Cowl. Also got their rear foot rest eliminators and Signals. Waiting on my Puig number plate to start on front signals.
  3. Puig Fender Eliminator

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    I'm looking for something to replace the ugly stock license holder and I'm wondering about Puig. It comes with light and reflector, it's angle can be modified and Puig offers adapters to keep the stock indicators. My question is - what's with the keyhole cover? Does it stay? Anybody mounted...
  4. Axle License Plate Bracket

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Hi Everyone, I used the search function but could not find anything on a curved axle license plate bracket. I am very interested in moving my plate to the axle side, but I have not been able to find anything that has reviews from people with FZ-09's using those products . Can I get some help...
  5. XSR900 DIY Fender Eliminator

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Picked up a new 2016 XSR900 in Garage Metal recently. Looked around for a nice, relatively affordable, fender eliminator, and the market is dry at the moment. I've had Graves fender eliminators on previous bikes (hit or miss in functionality vs. cost vs style), and noticed they had one on the...
  6. Dimensions for homemade tail tidy.

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Taking inspiration from Moto26's homemade tail tidy, I thought I'd post the dimensions I used to make mine. I used a piece of scrap 16 guage, zinc coated steel. I made up a very basic bending brake using a some old scrap timber and some door hinges. I wasn't able to achieve really nice, sharp...
  7. Tail tidy--Is XSR rear subframe same as FZ-09? Anyone know?

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Hi, I have been enjoying my XSR 900 very much for one month but it is time to get rid of the ugly rear end now. I would like to know if I can use one of the tail-tidy's that work with the FZ-09 since there are not many out there for the XSR 900 yet. I want to remove everything and begin anew...
  8. Hello All!! Excited to be here!!

    How's it going everyone!! I'm ATCMarris! I just picked up my FZ-09 about a week ago. Already put 400 miles on it! I've been riding for 4 years on the street and grew up riding dirt bikes. I'm currently looking for new levers, tail tidy, integrated tail light, and new front turn signals! If...
  9. FOR SALE: Couple OEM and aftermarket parts. WANTED: Black front fender

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    A couple parts for sale, Stock/OEM And aftermarket! Hey everyone. I have a few parts I'm looking to sell let me know if you're interested! Located near Portland, OR. [email protected] 1) 2 Pair of OEM orange "pumpkin" turn signals. Great shape. Asking $35 for all. 2) NEW...