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  1. Integrated LED taillight not working as it should.

    MT-09 Forum
    Hi! Just wondering if someone is willing to help me with the integrated taillight, since it's not working as it should. It's a "KEMiMOTO" taillight bought from AliExpress. Everything is working except when you are applying front and rear brakes. The light is flickering, kind of a strobe...
  2. Back in the saddle

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Hey guys! TLDR: sell/dont sell/trade/mod opinions I have been off the saddle for almost a year bc of some military stuff and then just letting life get in the way. Anyways, I was going back and forth on selling or keeping as I could have used the cash to pay off my truck. However, I think I am...
  3. TST Programmable Integrated Taillight - Possible error, or defect?

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Hello all, looking for a bit of advice. I have just worked through the final assembly of my first 'mod' to the new MT09. I followed (I think) meticulously, the instructional video here...
  4. 2016 FZ09 keeps blowing 7.5a tail light fuse.

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    I picked up my Fz09 in February and have loved every second of it, but over the last week I've blown 2 7.5a fuses. The first time I noticed this was at 12:30am coming home from work. I'm waiting at a light when a car starts to approach my rear so I tap the breaks to flash my tail light to let...
  5. FS: Brand New Parts (Stoltec shocks, Spiegler lines, Seat Concepts, T-Rex, & more)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    FS: Brand New Parts (Stoltec shocks, Spiegler lines, Seat Concepts, T-Rex, & more) I've been holding on to these while hoping to acquire another FZ-09, but with the ex moving out of state I have the kids full-time now, and my roommate moved out... //ENDSOBSTORY As Robert Deniro's character Sam...