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  1. GSXR Rear Shock Swap

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Hello All, So I'm new to the forum but have been scouting it for a while now. I bought my Yellow '15 with 1k miles just under a month ago and have been loving the bike, but as per a lot of peoples tif with the bike, the rear shock is lacking for me. I'm 6'0" and 175lbs - 185lbs geared up and...
  2. Adjustments to stock suspension

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    I'm looking to make some adjustments to the suspension on my '15 09. I haven't had a tank slapper yet, but I notice at highway speeds I can wobble the bars fairly easily on command, which is something I don't like. Also when cornering, there is some wobble if you hit a bump mid-lean, plus the...
  3. 2016 fz09 rear shock replacement

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    I read that most of you use the ZX6RR rear shock...are there any other models out there that would fit ??? model, year ???
  4. Now Available: Drop-In Revalved Cartridge Kits for the FZ, MT, FJ and XSR900

    Stoltec Moto
    Finally, for all those who have been asking! Patience is a virtue and you've been waiting for a while. You deserve a reward... If you're looking to upgrade the forks on your 2014-2016 FZ-09, 2015+ FJ-09, or 2016+ XSR900, look no further. We took our popular 20 mm Fork Piston Kit and...
  5. 16 FZ09 - New Owner - Suspension Help 130lb 5'9 - Settings & Wobble Help

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Good Afternoon, (I searched, please don't bash) I recently purchased a 16 FZ09 and I am in love, I knew from the get go that I would have to do some adjustments for the suspension and I am wanting to pick some fellow riders brains and see what the community would recommend. First off, the...
  6. Spring Cleaning Garage Sale - Memorial Day Pricing!

    Stoltec Moto
    We do this about once a year. Whatever we can't sell, stopped selling, used for prototyping, or had returns end up here. Some years more, others less. What you see is what you get. Once it's gone...it's GONE! We're running some specials above and beyond our standard 'clearance pricing' for...
  7. Suspension work in Asheville-Charlotte (or East Tenn.)

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Guys/Gals (are there any gals in here? lol) - I'm about to pull the trigger on some suspension upgrades from Stoltec, and I'm looking for a reputable shop in the Asheville-Charlotte area (or East Tenn.). I'm putting my FZ 09 on my buddy's trailer bound for his house in the Blue Ridge mountains...
  8. Guy Wheelies the Entire Isle of Man TT Course - 37.7 Miles!

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    . Wow. This Guy Wheelies the Entire Isle of Man TT Course - 37.7Miles! .
  9. FEEDBACK on "compression circuit revalve" done to the Andreani kit BY FORKS BY MATT

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    FEEDBACK on "compression circuit revalve" done to the Andreani kit BY FORKS BY MATT First off let me just start by saying that most likely I will go ahead and proceed with this mod regardless. I'm currently in the process of purchasing a set of Andreani front fork cartridges from FORKS BY MATT...
  10. ANDREANI fork cartridges spring rate confusion/question

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hello FZ09 forum members, I understand that this topic has been covered many times in the past but I keep on reading mixed reviews regarding my question. Q1. I currently weigh 230-240 with gear. What spring rate would someone recommend with the FZ09 Andreani front fork kit for aggressive...
  11. 2014 W/ Suspension work for sale.

    FZ-09 For Sale / Wanted
    Yamaha FZ 09 $7800. 28xxmiles Excellent condition, motor was broken in properly as per manual. Never laid down. Suspension has been completely re-worked. GP suspensions valve and piston kit performed by GP suspensions with new springs up front . Penske 8983 double clicker w/ external reservoir...
  12. Earth, Wind & Fire - The MT-09 Touring Mule

    The Ride Report
    Don't do it! It is the wrong bike... The bike will handle poorly loaded with gear... It has terrible fuel range... Yes, some of the these comments are what I heard when I told my riding friends about taking the FZ-09 on an extended multi-state trip including to British Columbia. Can a...
  13. Norwest rear shock revalve/respring - YES!

    Vendor Reviews / Links
    Just had my shock revalved/resprung by Terry and WOW - This is what a suspension is supposed to do. Bumps are now singular - no more 2 -3 little after bumps as the damping finally controls suspension movement. No more rear stepping out in corners. The ride is definitely better than stock over...
  14. Suspension upgrades?...

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Greetings & Salutations! This is my first posting on this Forum, and I hope I do it properly. I’m in my mid-fifties and been riding all sorts of bikes since I was ten so I consider myself a veteran motorcyclist, and I’m a new FZ-09 owner. Well, correction, I will be a new FZ-09 owner in the next...
  15. Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 Cartridge Fork Kit Review

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    A couple of months ago Dan from Traxxion Dynamics offered a half-off deal on his company’s FZ-09 AK-20 cartridge fork kit to a few people on this site—provided they write a review and post it on fz09.org. I jumped at the chance, since I’m pretty unimpressed with the stock suspension (which I...
  16. Now Available: GP Suspension 25 mm Cartridge Kits

    Stoltec Moto
    Many of you have been waiting for this day with baited breath. Well, the wait is over! We're pleased to announce that the GP Suspension 25 mm cartridge kit has been put through its paces, tuned, and tested some more. After weeks of development, the time has come to get these puppies in your...
  17. Fork Products and Services

    Stoltec Moto
    What you get: 20 mm compression valve w/ custom shim stack, optimized bleed port, and check valve assembly. 20 mm rebound piston w/ custom shim stack and check valve assembly. Yes, you’ll actually have access to meaningful damping to eliminate the pogo-effect from the factory. 8 degree rebound...
  18. Drop-in fork spring kits!

    Stoltec Moto
    Another cause for celebration. Sonic Springs and I have been working on developing a custom-wound set of springs for the FZ-09. We're happy to report that they are done and ready for shipment! I'd show a picture...but would you know the difference? Of course not! They look exactly. like...
  19. Penske Shock Lineup NOW AVAILABLE

    Stoltec Moto
    They're HERE! As most of you have already surmised from several other miscellaneous threads on the forum, the full lineup of Penske shocks is now ready for order. Here's how this runs down: 8900E Entry-level emulsion shock for those on a budget. Think of this as a REALLY good stock shock...