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  1. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I have a 2016 fz09 and was in a minor accident. The damage is as shown. The wheel never hit anything, but my bars seem ever so slightly off when I’m riding. The forks also seem like they aren’t perfectly in line, but aren’t bent to the naked eye. I have everything replaced, new bars...
  2. XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    Are there any good options out there for us for a steering damper? In wheelie mode this thing can get a little scary. Maybe one could just fab a mount for the Ohlins damper?
  3. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    Have been in contact with GPR Stabilizers, they sent me an email this morning about a product update. :D A unit has been developed for the '09, and is finished and ready for production. They are currently working on the speedo mount? Should be finished in a week was the time mentioned, and up...
1-3 of 3 Results