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  1. XSR900 Common Problems/Issues
    I have a 2016 xsr900 with approx 15,000 kms on the odometer. Just recently I noticed that, when coming to a stop, it feels like the front brake is grabbing and letting go in the last few meters. It's like the discs are warped. I've tried grabbing the brakes hard at higher speeds and, whilst you...
  2. Stoltec Moto
    GALFER WAVE ROTOR SALE! The title pretty much sums this up. Buy a pair of Galfer front wave rotors, get the rear for free! Promotion will run for the month of February - save $144 and get the bike ready for spring. Simply add two front rotors and one rear rotor to your shopping cart, use...
  3. HardRacing Performance
    We are doing to an End of Summer Special, for the month of September. PURCHASE (2) Front Galfer Rotors at our Sale Price of - $549.95 And Get a $119 Discount off the Rear Rotor. For Most Applications this is a FREE REAR Wave Rotor. Just click on the link below, for more details. >>...
1-3 of 3 Results