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  1. FZ 09 Crash and Revival

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Come to find out how strong the frame was when a friend crashed my bike on The Fast Side of Palomar. Bent the front end, turned the front wheel 90 deg. and even broke 1 upper fork tube. The BST CF front wheel was apparently a lot stronger, with no ill effect. The neck of the frame was...
  2. Norwest rear shock revalve/respring - YES!

    Vendor Reviews / Links
    Just had my shock revalved/resprung by Terry and WOW - This is what a suspension is supposed to do. Bumps are now singular - no more 2 -3 little after bumps as the damping finally controls suspension movement. No more rear stepping out in corners. The ride is definitely better than stock over...
  3. Stickerspeeds drawn out rebuild

    FZ-09 Builds
    So, I have been lingering around the outside of this forum for a very long time, since march of 2014, became a member may 2014, after I bought a 2014 liquid graphite FZ09. I had been watching this bike come into this world for awhile before I bought it. I had ordered it to be sent to my first...
  4. WTB stock/used/new exhaust or just stock headers

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I am currently rebuilding her after a bad accident, and the last thing I need to make her road worthy again is a new exhaust since I pretty much clamped them shut from the impact. So, if anyone is willing to part with an old pipe, weather its the whole kit, or just the headers, I would greatly...