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  1. Parts

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Hey, I'm looking for some parts for my 2014 fz09. Struggling to find reasonably priced parts for the bike. Does anybody know what other parts from potentially other bikes that will fit this bike? Maybe another less popular Yamaha bike? Specifically, looking for passenger peg mounts. I can...
  2. Removed 2015 Stock Exhaust: What should I do with it?

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Yo people! I replaced my 2015 FZ09's stock exhaust a few years back and I've had the stock exhaust sitting in my closet in Brooklyn since, haha. We have a baby coming soon, what should I do with it?? What did you all do with it?
  3. 2019 MT-09 parts For sale

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hello everyone, I have some parts from my 2019 mt-09 that i am getting rid of. The reason i am getting rid of these is because I no long have the bike due to being T-boned by a garbage truck in August of 2019. All these parts are located in Howell, MI. If you have any other questions feel free...
  4. Fz09 Aftermarket Goodies

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling off parts from my Fz09 that I did not put on Fj09. I live in Los Angeles so local pickup can be an option. Updated prices and availability. Shock and brake lines still available at updated prices. 2005 ohlins zx6r model ka502 PRXLS, fully adjustable and has remote adjustable preload! I...
  5. 2017 Fz09 Mods -

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi, Just got myself a Brand new Fz09 2017 today Im wondering if anybody tried to mod anything on theirs yet ? Im thinking like, tail tidy/mud guard, fender eliminator, exhaust, etc.
  6. Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug Bolt

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hey all, I just recently purchased my 2015 FZ-09 and I love it! I want to do my first oil change around 600 miles and when I do I would like to install a magnetic bolt. I have been searching for one and I am unable to find one that is low profile. I was told to be careful when getting a new...
  7. Stadium Yamaha, New Ownership, valid reasons for delays in shipment?

    Vendor Reviews / Links
    I ordered parts from Stadium Yamaha on 2/18/2015 and was given a shipment estimate of 2/27/2015-3/4/2015. It is currently 3/17/2015 and for the past two weeks, I was told several reasons for the delay in receiving my parts. 1. I have no way in knowing where your shipment is or when it is going...
  8. I need advice on changing the crankcase cover

    Yamaha FZ-09 Guides and How-To's
    Im ordering the crankcase cover part for the left side of my bike after a crash. This is a replacement that I have not been able to find out much regarding how to and any precautions before you start. Do I need to drain the oil before? Is the crankcase gasket the only additional part to order...