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  1. OES Accessories Frame Sliders Review - Saved The Day!

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    When I bought my FZ the first thing I did was purchase a full set of OES front/rear frame, front axle and rear spool sliders. I never thought I'd write one of these; but, I got a chance to test them out this past weekend :disgust: attached are some photos of the bike before I wiped all the...
  2. OES Frame Slider question

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    Will the rear frame slider (the longer one) fit flush into the front frame slider location? I know this is likely more dangerous and not as functional, but its more for me to use as psuedo highway pegs. Has anyone that has these sliders tried this? thanks
  3. OES Slider pack installed, thanks Noah.. excellent fast services!

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    So many slider packs out their.. right?? Well my rule is simple, I send a funky email to Vendors like OES, T-Rex etc. and see when and how they reply to make a choice who I trust with my GRocket. T-Rex was out, simply because of the forum post and complete miss management of their product lines...