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  1. Ding or Clunk sound when accelerating on 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    I have a brand new 2018 MT-09 with about 400 miles on it. Right from the beginning, I have observed a faint but audible ding or clunk sound when I accelerate from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. The sound sometimes comes when accelerating in 4th too but it is very faint. Also, I have noticed that when...
  2. 2015 FZ 09 Horrible Clutch Noise!

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    So little background: I bought this bike from the dealer with 300 miles on it, it now has about 11.5k. The bike is stock, I ride it almost 98% in STD mode and never in A mode. I did mainly commuting with it, and about 100-200 miles of canyons on the weekends. I changed the oil 4 times since I...
  3. Loud Drive Chain Noise (not CCT)

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hello all, I have noticed that my drive chain is pretty damn loud. Has anybody else noticed this? I don't know if it is just the way the bike is, or what, but I just started noticing it this season. I have about 6,500 miles on it. I recently replaced the tires. The alignment seems to be fine...
  4. '14 Intermittent Buzzing/rattle sound

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hello everyone, long time lurker here. Finally, joined the team! I have a '14 Liquid Graphite FZ. M4 slip-on, Graves block off plates, and ECU flashed by Vcyclenut. Anyways, the "issue" seems to have just started up. I do not recall hearing this noise last summer and just now noticed it after...