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  1. Opinions on which bike to get Fz-07 Vs Fz-09

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    First off would like to say thanks for the welcome to the forum. So I've been looking to get a motorcycle for a while now and I'm really set on either the Fz-07 or the 09. However I really like the 09's because of the color options and the way it looks. People are going to ask my riding...
  2. First time in forums!

    Hi, Feels so good to not be alone in this journey! Little about me, I am from Belgium but united States resident. This is the first time I am signing in,in any forum. Just put 1000 dollars down for new FZ9, so excited. The only colors I can choose, is red or Orange, since they don't have the...
  3. Newbie

    Hello All! I am an Active duty marine in Afghan and right before i left i completed the Basic Riders Safety Course. I fell in love with riding and imideately started looking for an affordable fun and great looking bike. What i found was the FZ-09. I hope it doesnt become a bad decision because...