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  1. New member! 2019 MT09/FZ09 SP❤️

    Hi all, just purchased a 2019 MT09 SP! Hopefully it’ll be ready for pick up sometime next week, looking forward to the mods to come! As you can see below the bike itself is still in the original crate being assembled!?
  2. MT09 SP Parts Compatibility with 2017 FZ09 Question

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a silly question... Are the MT09 SP and 2017 FZ09 parts compatible with one another?? Specifically the instrument cluster or "Meter" as Yamaha calls it in their parts catalogue. I have a big giant crack in mine and want to get it replaced. Having just learned...
  3. Hello from a new MT09SP owner

    Hi guys, I’m new here and just bought a brand new spanking SP. The bike came suspended very hard from the factory so first thing I did was set it to the soft settings as given on the factory manual supplied. It’s now muck better for our roads. I’m still getting used to the bike so taking it...