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  1. Aux fog light on grip warmer plug

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi, I can't seem to find this information to be 100% sure. I want to install 3 led fog light on my bike with a switch, but I want them to be control by the bike as well so it never drain my battery. I'va already connecte and aux. usb plug on my 2A connector. The setup for my fog light will most...
  2. HOW TO: Fix/prevent AIS removal engine light (code P1400)

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Good day fellow XSR owners and lovers! Hope everyone is riding safe and having a great time on this lovely machine. This is a post meant to help people who have chosen to remove the AIS in their XSR-900 with the Graves block-off plates, or any other method that involves removing the AIS...
  3. Turn Signal Advice

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Just picked up my bike a week ago and I've been looking through all the forums and how to threads I can find. I think I finally found what I wanted to do with my lights. And wanted to see if anyone else thought it would work. For the rear I got the minimal Fender Eliminator with plate light...
  4. Tail light and fender eliminator

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    hey guys, i just got my MT09 and im looking to get a tail tidy and the Rizoma tail light. Just wondering what tail tidies are compatible with the Rizoma light. I am mainly leaning towards the yoshi or R&G. Just want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for the rizoma tail tidy if i can. And if...