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  1. XSR900 Builds
    Hi There. Have my xsr900 second season and love it. So i have decided to get aftermarket exhaust for my xsr900(along with some other parts). I did lots of research and ended up with 2- hindle / akrapovic. It's a tough decision and maybe some members will give me some reviews/advice. I'm...
  2. FZ/MT09 Builds
    Thought I might as well start a build thread. I have modified a few items, and I still have a few left, so I'll get more pics when I have put the rest of the stuff on. So far: Yoshi fender eliminator - Pretty easy to install, had to drill the plate though. Very good construction quality...
  3. FZ/MT09 Performance & Suspension
    Two quick questions, trying to get the Hindle on tonight. Firstly, does anyone use any form of sealant when installing an exhaust? The instructions say to use silicone or permatex, is it really needed? The fit seems pretty tight. Secondly, specifically for the Hindle it says to idle it for...
1-3 of 3 Results