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  1. Info on M4 RM1 Exhaust? Is it louder than Akrapovic Carbon?

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Hey all, I can't seem to find any reviews on the M4 RM1 full exhaust system for MT-09. I was curious to know about the lack of crosspipe on the headers.... Is this a huge problem for low end torque? I read somewhere that it helps with low end power. Can anyone shine light no this product? Is it...
  2. 1st gen FZ09 VS 2nd gen fz09, m4 slip ons fittment

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hello, I currently have a stock 2017 fz09, someone is offering to sell me is m4 slip ons already fitted the stock headers, but his bike is a 2014, mine a 2017... do you think it would fit? is there a difference in the headers holes between 2014 ans 2017? asking because he is almost giving it to...