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  1. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    i have a set of Gilles Tooling adjustable bar risers with spacers that came on my bike installed by the previous owner..up for sale or trade if anyone’s interested. only flaw is the anodizing has faded a bit. other than that, fully functional. great quality machining. i just want to go with the...
  2. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    so my Mt09 came with aftermarket adjustable risers on the bar that the previous owner installed..i want to buy clip ons but was wondering do i need the stock risers to install or do they come with everything needed?
  3. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Hello. I'm selling some unwanted, used, handlebar risers that came with my XSR900. Genine Yamaha Gilles risers, part number B90-FHBRS-00 Excellent condition, with very little use. Some minor scuffs on a couple of the edges (as per the photos). Located in London, UK. £50 including p&p...
  4. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    WTB either Buell or Yamaha clubman bars. Also considering hurricane fat swallows. In FL but can pay for shipping.
  5. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I am looking for a more aggressive lower handlebar they are sitting to high for my liking. This is my first fz09 and I absolutely love this thing. I came from a few other Gsxr750’s so the handle ave position is a bit to much for me.. can someone help me? I’ve heard the 1125 buell clubman bars...
  6. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, Selling a set of the woodcraft clip ons knock offs. I put them on my bike for about a week but decided to go with some other bars. Practically new, only drilled one small hole to mount everything correctly. The bar ends are threaded and the bars are all black. Below is my link to...
  7. XSR900 Gear & Accessories
    Hi guys. Does anyone know if the stock handlebar is made of steel or aluminum? I'm beginning to try and sort out the vibrations on the handlebar. I think still will vibrate more than aluminum, and I have a feeling that the stock handlebar is steel. Can someone confirm or deny? Thanks in advance :-)
  8. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    Hi i recently purchased a 2016 fz09 and am thinking about getting a new set of bars. I like the look of the buell clubmans that i see alot of fz09 owners have, but are there any other clubman bars like the buell ones that will fit? im having a hard time finding the buell ones and was wondering...
  9. FZ/MT09 Builds
    *Disclaimer* For informational purposes only. I make no guarantees as to the safety of this mod as it requires modifying the assemblies beyond their original purposes. Don't attempt this yourself. Advanced knowledge and skills required especially around thread lengths for strength, % of...
1-9 of 10 Results