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  1. Sho's Donkey Build

    FZ-09 Builds
    Whoop Whoop! This is my first thread :) Here is a vid my wife Lady L narrated for me on my 09...Donkey. Don't think I'll do much more as all my attention can now be focused on my track bike. But if the inevitable mod(s) happen I'll post it here. Thank you all on this forum for the tons of...
  2. FS: G.P.R. Full Exhaust System

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my G.P.R Full exhaust. The headers are made of Inconel and the can is a "GPE EVO" Poppy (stainless steel carbon look). The system is in great condition! Here is what it looks like shipped: The can: On the bike: Stock vs GPR (~9 lb savings): Stock vs GPR (Db killer...
  3. GPR Steering Dampener

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Saw a picture in a post, yesterday, but can't find it. The picture had a unit set in a blister pack. Was able the get the GPR website, part number and phone number from it. Web site doesn't show part or part number, but can be ordered by phone till the web site is updated. The FZ 09...
  4. GPR Steering Damper/Stabilizer

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Have been in contact with GPR Stabilizers, they sent me an email this morning about a product update. :D A unit has been developed for the '09, and is finished and ready for production. They are currently working on the speedo mount? Should be finished in a week was the time mentioned, and up...