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  1. FZ 09 vs Keep Daytona 675 and get FZ07

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hello all! First off, I am newto the forums so hopefully I am posting in the correct section! Basically I am torn. I currently ride a Triumph Daytona 675 and love the bike... but not so much riding it on the street 90% of the time. I truly appreciate it for what it is, an amazing piece machinery...
  2. New Release: FZ-07 Penske 8900E!

    Stoltec Moto
    Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Well, it's about time...but we're excited to announce that we've recently finished development of our Penske 8900E shock. We've made some changes to the body for better fitment, relocated the preload adjustment, revalved the base shim stacks, and revised our...
  3. Run Down Palomar, 2 FZ 09's Filmed by FZ 07 Chase Bike

    FZ-09 Pictures / Videos
    2 visitors from Arizona, 1 a member originally from Cali. We did his fork springs at my house months ago. Met up at the top, Mother's Kitchen and ran down The Tight Side.