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  1. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    Hi guys, recently i decided to do some cleaning and took off my blackwidow exhaust. i noticed that the linkpipe had burned a spot into my oilpan. see pictures. I love the sound this exhaust gives and had it for not even half a year now. this has to be a faulty design because ive had their...
  2. FZ/MT09 Gear & Accessories
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to replace, if possible, the slip-on on my 2019 MT09. To be short, after around a year of installing a full exhaust system Yoshimura R-77 (this model) it got a hole in the inner side, near the tire, so now I have an extremely loud motorcycle which is also making all...
  3. Introductions
    Hello all, I am looking at a 2019 Tracer 900 GT and had this video sent to me. I noticed a strange exhaust flutter sound when reved. Does anyone know if this is a normal sound? 2019 3k miles. Thanks in advance. SOLVED! SEE BELOW POST.
  4. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
  5. FZ/MT09 Performance & Suspension
    Hi All, I have recently picked up my new '22 MT09 SP, I am very happy with it. As it goes, I am looking up doing some work to open it up and let it breathe with an exhaust, airbox, and tune at some point in the near future. Now onto the issue of choosing an exhaust. I honestly love the look of...
  6. FZ/MT09 Builds
    Would a Yohsimura 77 full system off of a 2015 bolt right up to my 2017? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just bought an FZ-09 with an M4 exhaust and even with the 2nd stage silencer, it's just too loud. I was thinking about buying an OEM exhaust from the dealer, but wanted to check here first to see if someone had one sitting around they want to sell.
    $1 USD
  8. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Toce by dropping my bike off for a prototype exhaust. I can’t tell you how well worth the wait it’s been. I wanted something that looks good & is extremely loud! This is the first design that’ll be sold soon & we will be developing another design later this...
  9. XSR900 General Discussion
    Thought I would cross-post from Reddit, here's how I removed my dB killer from the exhaust. For a long time, I was very interested in buying the Akrapovic high mount exhaust for my XSR900. The look is a bit polarizing, but I think it's gorgeous and wasn't interested in mounting a "sportbike"...
  10. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    SOLD. Photo exhaust on bike before clean up
  11. XSR900 General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Just got an XSR900 a couple of weeks ago. Looking into changing the exhaust and need some advice. I don't want anything too expensive (i.e. Akra) but I also don't want to go with a slip-on since my bikes still under warranty and from what I understand, with a slip-on I would need...
  12. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hello everyone, newbie to the forum here! Excuse my English, I’m Dutch. I got myself a 2014 FZ09 and installed a GPR Furore slip-on exhaust. I didn’t really push it hard the first week because I needed to get used to the bike. However, now that I’m comfortable, I do notice some torque loss...
  13. Yamaha FZ/MT09 Guides and How-To's
    Hey guys, I bought a 2020 model MT-09 SP October last year and left it in winter storage almost immediately after purchase. During the winter I made several modifications to the bike, to mention some of them: Changed blinkers to Yamaha LED plus blinker both front and rear. Installed Heated...
  14. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Would anyone like a free, standard XSR900 exhaust? It’s essentially brand new having been taken off the bike by the dealer I bought it from when they installed an aftermarket system. I don’t need it, there doesn’t seem to be much action on eBay and I’d hate to just throw it away! Free to...
  15. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have a Stock Exhaust from a 2016 FZ-09. Upgraded the Exhaust a while back and it is just sitting in the garage. Would rather give it to someone that can use it than take it as scrap metal. Free in the Seattle area.
  16. FZ/MT09 Performance & Suspension
    Hi, Many threads opinions here for aftermarket exhausts and whether to have ecu flashed or not. I just wanted to add my own bike to the mix 😁. My bike is a stock 2016 xsr900. I love the whine of the bike but of course there are no pops and no low rumble. I am not after a performance upgrade as...
  17. XSR900 General Discussion
    Hi I have this exhaust fitted to my XSR900. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the baffle? I have seen a thread with a step by step guide for the XSR700 version where the end can can be detached from the exhaust pipe in order to knock the baffle out as shown in the second picture...
  18. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Yo people! I replaced my 2015 FZ09's stock exhaust a few years back and I've had the stock exhaust sitting in my closet in Brooklyn since, haha. We have a baby coming soon, what should I do with it?? What did you all do with it?
  19. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have an Akrapovic exhaust system for sale for a 14-16' its the carbon one with the cool Loop. Shipping is expensive so you would have to help me out on that. Looking for 650. Has a small little mark on the side. So thats 650 obo located in Syracuse NY. Looks and sounds great. I maybe put...
1-19 of 58 Results