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  1. XSR Cowl and Tail Tidy

    XSR900 Builds
    Haven't seen any posted yet through my searches so I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the R&G tail tidy to go with the Yamaha Cowl. Also got their rear foot rest eliminators and Signals. Waiting on my Puig number plate to start on front signals.
  2. FOR SALE: Couple OEM and aftermarket parts. WANTED: Black front fender

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    A couple parts for sale, Stock/OEM And aftermarket! Hey everyone. I have a few parts I'm looking to sell let me know if you're interested! Located near Portland, OR. [email protected] 1) 2 Pair of OEM orange "pumpkin" turn signals. Great shape. Asking $35 for all. 2) NEW...
  3. Fender Eliminator / Tailtidy

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Hi from NZ I am searching for fender eliminators that will suit our NZ plates. The plates are 260mm x 100mm. I am concerned that our plate widths are too wide for some of the tailtidies available. iow they might obstruct the indicators. Would anybody be able to assist with measuring what width...