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ecu remapping
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  1. Yamaha FZ/MT09 Common Problems/Issues
    So I recently put a K&N hi flow air filter, and new plugs in my bike, and now I am getting a very strange vibration in the motor. it can almost be felt at an idle on up. I don't think its the clutch basket bc I have felt that vibration on a friends 2014 fz-09 when his clutch basket exploded...
  2. FZ/MT09 Performance & Suspension
    Does anyone have experience with getting the flash tune harness and fiddling with the ECU themselves? I was going to go this route because I want to play around with it and be able to update the tune as I do mods as per $$ allows. My main question is that FT allows you to import several map...
  3. ECU West
    Hey Guys, I've been getting hammered to get this up, have been flat out lately... So we've had about 6 MT-09's come through our workshop for custom tuning so far, the one below had an Akro Ti Full System already fitted when it came in. The results were pretty amazing and the owners have all...
  4. ECU West
    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd let you know we have full factory definitions for the MT-09 and MT-07 ADM delivered bikes. We have also found O2 off or Alpha/n maps. As well start mode defaults etc. We have great flash tunes but can also custom dyno tune as well. Sample of Fuelling map below.
  5. ECU West
    Hey Guys, For the Aussie contingent out there, our special Members price of $450.00 for a customised ECU remap is available and ongoing for all forum members This is $50.00 bucks back in your pocket and includes return express shipping - same day service also. Contact us for details and an...
1-5 of 5 Results