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ecu mapping
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  1. Yamaha FZ/MT09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hello FZ09 Forum! During the winter I sent of my ECU to get flashed. After the flash I'm experiencing some issues. On random occasion the bike turns off with the error code SD_50. According to haynes this is "ECU malfunction, fault code may not be displayed - Engine will not run" due to "ECU...
  2. FZ/MT09 Performance & Suspension
    Hi, Many threads opinions here for aftermarket exhausts and whether to have ecu flashed or not. I just wanted to add my own bike to the mix šŸ˜. My bike is a stock 2016 xsr900. I love the whine of the bike but of course there are no pops and no low rumble. I am not after a performance upgrade as...
1-2 of 2 Results