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  1. ABS/Traction control light stay on

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi Guys I have a 2018 MT09. Recently I had the front tire replaced. When I put the wheel back on I didn't realize that I put the side with the abs sensor on the opposite side. I didn't take the bike out right away but when I did the light came on, I rode it a total of about 20 miles before...
  2. HOW TO: Fix/prevent AIS removal engine light (code P1400)

    XSR900 General Discussion
    Good day fellow XSR owners and lovers! Hope everyone is riding safe and having a great time on this lovely machine. This is a post meant to help people who have chosen to remove the AIS in their XSR-900 with the Graves block-off plates, or any other method that involves removing the AIS...