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  1. 2018 Clutch Replacement Noise

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    MY 2018 has had the infamous clutch rattle since I took it off the showroom and hasn't bothered me much for the last 50k miles but recently it's gotten annoying and a little worse... After countless clutch ups, track days, and hard riding i'm considering doing the Barnett Kevlar Clutch kit w/...
  2. MT-09 2015 Woolich Quick Shifter Issue

    MT-09 Forum
    I have been enjoying my setup for a few weeks now but every now and again, the revs die and return during pulling off in first. It keeps cycling and so I start pogoing down the road until I pull in the clutch of kick into 2nd. First time was pretty scary. Have lost confidence pulling off now and...
  3. needing some advice on the whole clutch debacle mine blew up

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    so it happened my clutch basket blew up and took a couple of plates. I honestly had no idea when I bought the bike that the clutches had the issue with the clutch baskets. I have a buddy that has a 2014 fz-09 he had the same thing happen to him, took it to a shop and a month later it happened...
  4. ASV C5 Shorty Levers

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    FS: ASV C5 Shorty Levers $175 Shipped US ONLY. Pay-Pal ONLY. Used for 4 months. Immaculate.
  5. Clutch tension too firm!

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently purchased a very low mile 2014 FZ-09 and I am in love with the bike. My only concern is that in comparison to other FZ-09 that I have been around, my clutch tension feels to be about 2x as heavy. I have removed the lower return spring and pulled the lever to see if maybe...
  6. Vibration on Clutch Engagement

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    First post here, couldn't find anything that described the issue I was having, so here goes. Recently purchased this bike, it was laid over and I got a great deal, so I've fixed all the cosmetic issues. The last thing that remains is this strange vibration while the clutch is in the friction...
  7. 2015 FZ 09 Horrible Clutch Noise!

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    So little background: I bought this bike from the dealer with 300 miles on it, it now has about 11.5k. The bike is stock, I ride it almost 98% in STD mode and never in A mode. I did mainly commuting with it, and about 100-200 miles of canyons on the weekends. I changed the oil 4 times since I...
  8. Another clutch bites the dust!

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Year 2014, FZ, 7000 miles, not the OG owner. I noticed the clutch felt all slippy sloppy so I dropped it at my local Yammie shop. After a few days of nothing heard the service guy called and gave me some bad news then texted me these photos: So we talked about it and I did a quick...
  9. Clutch buzz/vibrations at 4000 rpm

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I got a used MT-09/ FZ-09 with around 26,500 miles/ 44,000km on the clock. The bike generally runs smooth but there is the clutch rattle in Neutral which I hear is relatively normal. However, there is quite a pronounced and high frequency buzz/ vibrations through the foot-pegs when in...
  10. '14 won't freely roll with clutch pulled in.

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    First post here and of course it's a "what's broke?" post. But I typically just post to Reddit. (Hi Fam) Went on a big long ride, everything was great. Got home, parked her, went to go move the fz in the garage to wash her off and she wouldn't move with the clutch pulled in while in any gear...
  11. Clutch discs wear

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hello everyone, I have been researching the causes of wear of clutch discs in different situations (wet multi-plate clutch) and 3 questions arise me, I have researched multiple specialists and want to read your response and opinions of more people who know the subject. Moto Yamaha MT 09 is...
  12. Dragging feeling

    Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hi guys, I recently bought a used 2014 Fz-09 and it seems to have a weird problem when I accelerate. It gets much less noticeable once I reach higher speeds and is most noticeable in the lower gears.Its very difficult to describe. When I pull on the throttle it feels like the engine (or maybe...
  13. Has anyone bought thoses Brake-Clutch-Levers ?

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Folding Extendable Brake Clutch Levers for Yamaha FZ 09 850 Triple 2014 Red | eBay They look good and a fraction of a price of CNCs
  14. Easy Pull Clutch Lever??

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Well, I've been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, and my left is much worse than my right. I'm working on correcting my riding position to take pressure off my wrists, and that's helping. BUT, I'm finding the length & weight of the clutch pull is still causing me to lose feeling in the fingers...
  15. Clutch and brake RC2 shorties added

    FZ-09 Gear & Accessories
    Got these in mail today :)