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check engine light

  1. Check engine light after oil change

    XSR900 Common Problems/Issues
    Hi, I recently completed an oil change on my xsr900 at home and after first start the check engine light is now on permanently. I can see that this might have been due to oil being drained and motocycle logging it but motocycle was not started between changes. Is this a common issue? Thanks
  2. 2017 FZ-09 Motor cutting out when downshifting

    XSR900 Common Problems/Issues
    So I've got a bone stock 2017 FZ-09 with about 7300 miles on it. Went for a cruise today and I was doing about 60 in 6th and started downshifting coming up to a red light. When I hit about 3rd or 2nd or maybe even neutral (wasn't really paying attention) the motor cut off and the check engine...
  3. 2017 FZ-09... Is the only way to clear a Check Engine Light through an OBD II Reader?

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    Hi all, I did a dumb thing and accidentally left my MAP sensor unplugged when I was installing my block off plates. The issue now is that I started the bike with it unplugged, and popped the CEL. I have the FT ECU flashing kit, but I don't see anywhere in the software to reset the codes (just to...