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  1. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I noticed my 2015 FZ09 looks like someone had done work on the Cam Chain Tensioner as the paint was worn away in the area. How do I check if I have a manual tensioner or an automatic tensioner installed currently?
  2. XSR900 General Discussion
    Got my legend blue, 100km on the clock and getting the infamous Yamaha CCT rattle. I noticed they changed the tensioner to something that looks exactly like the R1 CCT. They must have given up with the previous ones which kept failing. Anyone know what the grub screws on the side of the new...
  3. Yamaha FZ/MT09 Common Problems/Issues
    Hi everyone, i got a tracer 900 from 2016, just got it over 3 months now. Im hearing a ticking noise coming from the engine at 3,5k - 5k rpm's. I only hear the ticking noise when the bike is on operation temparture, it aint ticking when cold. The first thing i did was look on the internet for...
  4. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hi All I want to Cry :( i played with my Cam Chain Tensioner and i tightened it too much when i started the engine in neutral there was too much tension on the chain and it snapped as far as i can see it also broke some of the crank sprocket teeth. any advice apart from staying away from my...
  5. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Hey guys. I've got an 2017 FZ09 and I love it. I hit 3,000 miles on it today. Unfortunately, it seems like its vibrating more than it should be. My hands and feet go numb in less than an hour. I don't remember it having so much vibration when it was brand new so I've been looking into some...
1-5 of 5 Results