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  1. Wanted Arrow exhaust

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just wanted to see if anyone was selling the full carbon system before I ordered a new one
  2. First post

    Love my MT and looking forward to learning lots from this group.
  3. WTB: FZ-09 Aftermarket Exhaust (Arrow?)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I've just purchased a new to me FZ-09 and I'm in the market for an exhaust. My first choice is Arrow, second Akrapovic. I will consider any aftermarket exhaust, please let me know what you have. I'm located in Southern/Central Alberta, Canada so please consider this for shipping. I could...
  4. ECU Flash/Tuning For FZ-09 with Arrow Exhaust & BMC Filter

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    I recently purchased an Arrow full exhaust, graves block off plates, and a BMC air filter for my 14 FZ-09. I do not have a power commander or an O2 related product like a O2 optimizer or Dynojet autotune. What do I need to tune properly and who can I get to do, for example flash tune etc? Is...