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  1. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    I have a 2016 fz09 and was in a minor accident. The damage is as shown. The wheel never hit anything, but my bars seem ever so slightly off when I’m riding. The forks also seem like they aren’t perfectly in line, but aren’t bent to the naked eye. I have everything replaced, new bars...
  2. FZ/MT09 Pictures / Videos
    This was one of our scariest moments it could have been death for both of us. We had Angels by our side.
  3. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Was riding Hwy 33 (Ojai, CA) with some buddies yesterday and stopped when we found this guy laying in the middle of the road: Motorcyclist injured in Highway 33 crash - VC-Star His group was a bit ahead of us pulling out of the gas station as we pulled in. When we found him, he had broken his...
  4. FZ/MT09 General Discussion
    Well good thing the bike is totalled. This place is ran by assholes
1-4 of 5 Results